Feb. 3, 2011

I think the tradition of piñatas started in about 1985, when Laura, Sara, & Dana made 2 “Easter Egg” piñatas to take to Grandma Kay and Grandpa Webb’s in Coon Rapids for Easter.  We made the piñatas from 2 large balloons, which we covered with paper mache and tissue paper.  Sara would have been 5 and Dana 2, and they loved doing craft-type projects each morning before Sara went to Kindergarten at noon.

The piñata was always hung on a pole, which was held by two brave adults.  The kids took turns (shortest to tallest), hitting the piñata with a plastic bat.  Even the “big” kids – Katie, Cyndi, & Arlo took a turn! 

I think Grandma Kay provided the piñata for several years, with family members donating “goodies” for inside.  When the reunions began, the tradition continued. 

 I remember piñatas in the shapes of a parrot, SpongeBob, a monkey, and a donkey.   The goodies inside the piñatas have included candy, bouncy balls, small toys, and most recently, stuffed monkeys (yes, at Mike and Sandy’s).

 Attached are a few pictures from Pinata –breaking activities over the years.